Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to my new blog.

I've been a fan of Comics for a long time, especially of artists like Moebius, Caza, Schuiten, Bilal and Corben. So I've always wanted to create these kinds of drawn stories myself. So a long time ago I grabbed pencils, ink pens and colours and tried my best to get something acceptable on paper. But due to job and family reasons I didn’t get a lot of drawings done during the last years.

Meanwhile, I’ve become a huge fan of iOS-devices, especially iPhone and iPad. In addition to that I’m now father of a little daughter who will turn 3 in August.
So remembering my former interest in drawing, I combined my “father-role” with my affection for the iPad and landed on the idea of making a picture book for my daughter using my iPad. And basically this is what this blog will be all about.

The idea of this blog is to show the drawings and stuff, I will do for the picture book, but at the same time I will discuss, test and review different tools I will use on my way. These tools will obviously be drawing and painting apps for the iPad, but also other apps, I will come across in my “workflow”. And I will surely discuss also other matters, like “the right stylus for the iPad” for example.

I’m curious myself to discover where this blog might lead to. At least it will encourage me to find more time for creativity :-).

So as you've found my new blog, please stay tuned. I will post the first drawings soon.
And if you want to leave a comment, please feel free and go ahead :-).

Cologne, 31.05.2012