Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New pressure sensitive stylus: Jot Touch

Just a quick note: The long awaited Jot Touch is out now and can be ordered from the Adonit website. The Jot Touch is the a further development of the Jot and Jot Pro. With its small transparent plastic discs the Jot stylus was already one of the (if not "the") most precise stylus available at the moment. The new Jot touch adds pressure sensitivity and two customisable shortcut Buttons. The whole thing looks very prommissing. They also add a new dampering tip that should improve the feeling while drawing with the Jot Touch. Maybe this will solve the problems I have with the actual Jot Pro stylus (I wrote about this in a former post).

I already ordered a Jot Touch and will write a review after trying it out. Until then have a look for the Jot touch features on the Adonit website and read the first review from Macworld.